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Press Release: Addenda now available

addendum cover

Available now is an addenda to Santa Cruz Trains: Railroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has been in the works since before the book was even approved for final publication in early March and I have just been adding to it and adding to it.

The addenda includes a full list of revisions from the first edition, three new appendix entries including a timetable comparison map, a list of all known bridges, and a chart of railroad bridge types. It also includes three new pages of photographs of Rincon and Wright and two new articles about the Wilson Bros Spur and the Cement Works Spur, both in the Potrero District area of Santa Cruz. It’s all fun new information that I am sure you’ll all love.

You can download the addenda from here:

Keep the information and the corrections coming. I want this book to be beautiful and as perfect as it can be, so if you find something wrong in any way, let me know. Also, if you are browsing through local records,, or library resources and find something that I may not have covered, let me know! I already have two more articles in the works for a future Addenda and I am more than happy to add a few more to the mix.

Thank you for all your support and keep local Santa Cruz railroading alive!

Santa Cruz Trains: Railroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains is available now from at