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Review Schedule

Three weeks ago I embarked on a blitzkrieg of article writing. Surprisingly, after having completed the first section, I am still on track. In fact, I got ahead once and it looks like I may again in a few weeks when two partially completed articles catch up to me.

Once I finished and edited the first section, I began sending out my articles for reviewing and critique. Barry Brown ended up being the first target. He is the local expert on the California Powder Works so, appropriately, got that article. He got back to me within hours with a whole slew of revisions, which were excellent. Now I’ve set a high bar for everyone else! Frank Perry and Robert Piwarzyk are my next victims, and I’ve got a promise by Frank to review three of the articles, with a recommendation for Robert to review all three also.

I began two days ago on the next section, focusing on the length of track between Felton Junction and the summit tunnel (though not including the latter). I skipped the prelude article and pushed it to the end of the section’s writing, then did the same for the remaining sections. I found that the first prelude ended up repeating a lot of information from the individual articles, so I want to write them afterwards now to avoid redundancies. They still will intro the sections, but just not be so repetitive. I also skipped the Journeys article, but that’s more because I didn’t have time that day. I’ve rescheduled for a day when I should have quite a bit of free time.

Below, I’ve taken my current article index and added beside it the names of my suggested reviewers. I’m still missing A LOT, though, so any suggestions for people…or volunteers…is appreciated. Two reviewers for each article is the history standard. The only requirements are that you have a passing knowledge of historical writing and that you feel you know quite a bit of the area’s history. Railroad history is a bonus! Check out the list below for further details:

After the Golden Spike


Section 1:
Prelude –
Journeys – Duncan Nanney
The Santa Cruz Wharves – Frank Perry, Michael Luther & Robert Piwarzyk
Santa Cruz Union Depot & Freight Yard – Jim Vail
Cherry Street Depot & Mission Hill Tunnel –
Mission Orchard & the Potrero District Spurs – Michael Luther
Golf Links – Joan Martin & Colleen McInerney-Meagher
The California Powder Works – Barry Brown
Shady Gulch Trestle & Rincon Tunnel –
The Cowell Limeworks at Rincon – Frank Perry, Michael Luther & Robert Piwarzyk
Coon Gulch Tunnel –
Big Trees Landing – Lisa Robinson
Fahihn & Hihn’s Gold Gulch Mill – Randall Brown
Holmes Limeworks – Frank Perry, Michael Luther & Robert Piwarzyk
Old Felton & the Flume Terminus – Lisa Robinson & Randall Brown

Section 2:
Prelude –
Journeys – Duncan Nanney
Felton Junction –
Big Trees – Traci Bliss & Randall Brown
Roaring Camp – Nathan Goodwin
Felton Depot –
Mount Hermon – Dan Dawson
The Olympia Sand Quarries – Jim Vail
Olympia & Eccles –
Hayes Spur & the Union Mill Spur –
Kenville & Eccles Tunnel –
Dougherty’s Mill & Meehan –
Zayante & Tank Siding –
Clems & Mountain Charlie Tunnel –
Glenwood & Glenwood-Laurel Tunnel – Mark Vande Pol
Laurel & Edric – Stan Stevens

Section 3:
Prelude –
Journeys – Duncan Nanney
Summit Tunnel –
Wright –
Sunset Park –
Call of the Wild & Eva –
Aldercroft –
Alma – Julia Gaudinski
Lexington & Lyndon – Julia Gaudinski
Cats Canyon Tunnel –
Los Gatos Depot & Freight Yard – Edward Kelley
Grove Park & Bunker Hill Park –
Forbes Mill Spur –
Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad – Edward Kelley
Bulwer –
Vasona Junction & Station – Edward Kelley & Robert Bowdidge

Section 4:
Prelude –
Journeys – Duncan Nanney
Felton Grove & Bonnie Brae – Vicki Wees
Rubottom & Brackney –
Glen Arbor –
Newell Junction & C.T.C. Mill –
Ben Lomond –
Phillipshurst –
La Siesta – Lisa Robinson
Fish Hatchery –
Brookdale & Reeds Spur – Aubrey Graves
Boulder and Grover Mills, Joy Camp & Harris –
Lorenzo & Filbert –
Boulder Creek –

Section 5:
Prelude –
Journeys – Duncan Nanney
Harmon Mill & McAbee Mill –
Cunningham Mill, King’s Creek Mill & Wildwood –
Dougherty’s Mill & Riverside Grove –
Sinnot Switch & Chase Mill Spur –
McGaffigan Switch –
Waterman Gap Mill –
End of Track –

Fading Into Dust

Unassigned Reviewers:
Sangye Hawke
Kanda Whaley
Harold Whaley
Brian Liddicoat
George Pepper