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The Great Writing Blitzkrieg, Round 2

01-07 – Finalize maps, contact reviewers
08-21 – Second round of editing from start to finish; rewrite Santa Cruz Freight Yard article; correct and update citations; add citations where needed
22-Jan. 4 – Photographic editing; insert caption boxes throughout; begin adding photographs

5-18 – Third round of editing, incorporating edits from reviewers and comments from blog and Facebook
19-Feb. 1 – Finalize photographs and caption boxes; finished Foreword & Acknowledgements; final proofread on hardcopy


2-8 – Final format editing; index book
9-15 – Buffer week
16 – Submit book to for final digital publication
17-26 – Marketing, advertising, and sending out thank-yous
26 – E-book release
27 – Breathe…