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Santa Cruz Trains

The Freight Yard Divideth

The second article I wrote for my book, way back in September, was the “Santa Cruz Union Depot & Freight Yard”. It was an ambitious article forced early because I was writing my articles in geographic order, beginning with the Santa Cruz Wharves and ending five miles north of Boulder Creek (after a detour to Los Gatos and Vasona). Almost immediately, however, I found myself buried in too many details. The article encompassed more material… Read More »The Freight Yard Divideth

The Great Writing Blitzkrieg, Round 2

December: 01-07 – Finalize maps, contact reviewers 08-21 – Second round of editing from start to finish; rewrite Santa Cruz Freight Yard article; correct and update citations; add citations where needed 22-Jan. 4 – Photographic editing; insert caption boxes throughout; begin adding photographs January: 5-18 – Third round of editing, incorporating edits from reviewers and comments from blog and Facebook 19-Feb. 1 – Finalize photographs and caption boxes; finished Foreword & Acknowledgements; final proofread on… Read More »The Great Writing Blitzkrieg, Round 2

Location! Location! Location!

I’ve been rather quiet on this update blog lately, mostly because I’ve been writing a whole heck of a lot. Every day I’ve written 2-4 pages, with a few days consisting of even more. I’ve been amazingly surprised by how even the shortest article can produce two pages of text and images. Every time! And I really mean that. Only a few articles have failed to span multiple pages. I expect the last section on… Read More »Location! Location! Location!

Review Schedule

Three weeks ago I embarked on a blitzkrieg of article writing. Surprisingly, after having completed the first section, I am still on track. In fact, I got ahead once and it looks like I may again in a few weeks when two partially completed articles catch up to me. Once I finished and edited the first section, I began sending out my articles for reviewing and critique. Barry Brown ended up being the first target.… Read More »Review Schedule

The Great Writing Blitzkrieg

Starting last week, I have begun a writing blitzkrieg with the goal of having the first draft of my book done by the end of November. This attempt has not gone perfectly smooth. Two days were completely missed already while writing of the Santa Cruz Union Depot & Freight Yard article ate up two extra days and will likely eat up another in editing. Writing is neither easy nor entirely fun, but it is necessary… Read More »The Great Writing Blitzkrieg